School Tour

Wednesday, August 28

We were give a day to rest upon arrival in Malang and Maam Ayu told us that we will go to the SMKN 4 Wednesday morning. We met with Maam Ayu at the Unikama campus where she gave us a gift. At that time, we also gave the plaque from Saint Mary’s University (SMU) as an appreciation gift to Universitas Kanjuruan Malang (UNIKAMA) for being our host school.Maam Ayu also gave us a school tour in UNIKAMA, we met with their school head and talked for a while. We also saw our new friends from when we first arrived. We saw met Maam Riza, our coordinator and some of her students. We chatted for quite some time then, we went to Sekolah Menengeh Kanjuruan Negeri 4 Malang ( SMKN 4).

At SMKN, Maam Rosita and Maam Anis welcomed us at their school. We were also welcomed by the Head Master and Vice Headmaster . We also gave SMKN 4 a plaque of appreciation from SMU. After that, Maam Rosita and Maam Anis , gave us a school tour. We visited all the facilities, the classrooms , Library, Canteen and of course they also introduced us to the other interns who are currently having their internship there. After the tour, we bid our goodbye to Maam Ayu and since Maam Rosita and Maam Anis have a class they have to leave us for a while so we stayed at the Intern Room. The interns are very welcoming and kind and we talked about a lot of things. We also exchanged contacts as we are now friends. We had a good time there. Since it was lunchtime when Maam Rosita’s class ended, she offered to treat us a lunch. She first treated us with a fruit shake, it is my first time to taste Starfruit and I learned that Starfruit is called “Belimbing” in Indonesia and we call it “Balimbing” in the Philippines. We were shocked about the similarities of it. For lunch, we went to Maam Rosita’s favorite place to eat and she ordered “Nasi Pecel” for us to try. It is my first authentic Indonesian food and I love it. The way they presented the food is very appealing and the smell of it is delicious. It very delicious but its very spicy and my tolerance of spicy food is not that great. Overall, it is a wonderful experience to try Nasi Pecel.

SMKN Layout

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