Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan

August 28, Wednesday

Right after the class on our first day in SMKN4 , our Unikama friends ,Vina and company fetch us from the School to gave us a tour around Malang. We rode to their motrcycle and I was shocked by how most people use motorcycle as their transportation and the road are mostly filled with motorcycles. Our first stop is Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan or the Village of Color. The roof of each houses were painted in different colors.And the walls were filled with artworks of the people there. Its a haven of artworks and color that showcase the creativity of the Arema (People of Malang).


After Jodipan, we visited Tugu. We strolled around the park while drinking coffee and taking pictures around. As we were walking ,we are all exchanging facts about each other. I found out that I share the same hobby like them. We all like kpop and anime . We talked about random things aboit each other. Since it is almost time for dinner, we went to a chinese restaurant near UNIKAMA. I tried nasi goreng which is a fried rice and I love it. While eating our dinner, Ratih told ua that she wanted us to visit Selecta and we said yes. So we planned when we will go Selecta and how we will go to Selecta and after dinner, they accompanied us to our dorm and we said goodbye.

August 31

Tawan Rekreasi Selecta

Ratih, Vina and Nimas fetch us Saturday Morning in Rusunawa to go to Selecta as planned. We used Ratih’s boyfriend’s car to go to Batu, which is the hometown of Ratih. It took us 2 hours to go to Selecta. During the ride, Ratih gave us snacks to eat on the road. I forgot what it is called but it was awesome and delicious. She also gave us cakes and milk. Ratih’s mom was there to pick see us. We took photos with her at the entrance of Selecta. She told is that her family is one of the co-owner of Selecta and told us the history of it. I learned that it was built by the Dutch then they renovated it and opened it to the public. Since it was lunch time when we get there, Ratih’s mom treated us lunch and excused herself to go because she had something to do. But before leaving she told us to enjoy ourself and send us her regards. Ratih’s mom is very kind.

There are garden full of colorful flowers, aquarium, pool, zipline, sky bike and there’s also a 4d Cinema. You cam also do horse-back riding. My favorite would be the rides. Although Im afraid of heigth I mustured my courage to ride the Sky Bike and the Vikings.It is a wonderful experience. We strolled around Selecta and when we felt hungry,we went back to rhe restaurant and eat. The food was awesome. Before we go back to our place, we asked the group if we can take a group picture and print it so we have a rembrebrance. Ratih talked to them and gave us the picture. We wanted to pay for it but Ratih said its okay so I thanked her for all the things she did for us. I will never forget it. On our way home, we dropped by a souvenier shop in Batu. We boutgh things to bring back to Philippines and some souveniers to give to our teachers here.

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