“There’s Good in Goodbye”

September 19 is supposed to be our last in SMKN 4 but I still went there the next day to officially bid goodbye to my students, friends and teachers. I met up with my students and took some photos here and there. We also took one last look at our favorite hangout place in the school which is the cafeteria and the library. We also bid our goodbye to our fellow interns. We also took photos with the whole Bahasa Ingris Teachers. I also took the opportunity to meet my PD A class, who are sulking because I only taught them 2times instead of 3 like my other classes. I gave them my simple farewell gifts and a personal letter. I went to their class with Ma’am Rosita which is supposed to be my schedule for my last teaching there. Of course I would love to teach again that afternoon but Ma’am Rosita promised them to watch a movie. We did a movie marathon watching Men in Black 3. I was feeling sad the whole time knowing that it is our last meeting with each other and the time to say goodbye is approaching. With 15 more minutes left, Maam Rosita gave me the opportunity to give the gifts and my last word to them. I gave them a short motivational speech and took some photos. After class, we went to Ruang Guru to bid goodbye to the Headmaster and Principal. I said my appreciation to them for letting us teach in their school and talked about our experiences. He told us to forget the bad things that happen and remember only the good ones but I told him that Everything that happened, be it good or bad is something that I can never forget because the bad things taught me life lessons and I learned from it. My tears are about to burst that time but I forced myself not to cry infront of them. After our small talk with the Headmaster and Principal, we then stayed at Maam Rosita”s table. When the time comes that we have to leave , I started bawling my eyes out crying. Ma’am Rosita and Ma’am Anis are about to cry bit she never let them. We hugged each other and said goodbye. I am still crying while walking to the gate. As we were waiting for our grad car ride to come, we saw Ma’am Rosita and told us to wait. She stayed with us until the car arrived with this sad look on her face and she is about to cry. I am still crying by the time the car arrived. She said goodbye and Im crying and by the time I closed the car’s door, I took one last glance at her and I saw her crying and that made me so sad that I started to sob inside the car. I can’t help bit cry because it is very hard to say goodbye especially that I built a strong attachment with them. They became my second family in Indonesia and she is our mom who always cares for is, motivates us when we are down and took care of us when we are sick. I will really them so much.

The hardest part of meeting is the parting but there is always good in goodbyes.

Left to Right: Sir Sin, Maam Wiwi, Maam Rosita, Aira, Me , Maam Anis and Sir Yudi

The Students

With Diva and Crista

Personal letter to my students

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