Unexpected Meetings

September 2

During their flag ceremony, we were introduced by Maam Rosita to all the students in SMKN 4. We introduced ourselves and told the purpose of our stay in their school. They warmly welcomed us and we took a picture with the students along with Maam Rosita, Maam Tisna and Rizka, an English intern at SMKN. With this, we are now officially welcomed in their school.

Mr. Shahabudi Hassan

August 29

We had an unexpected meeting with Mr. Shahabudi Hassan of the Malaysia Ministry of Education Technical and Vocational Education Depart. They are in SMKN for a meeting and they were told that SMKN has an exchange students from the Philippines so they wanted to meet us. We talked about the edication in the Philippines and they told us that they also want to have exchange students from the Philippines in their school and he wanted us to be the bridge to make that happen. I told him he can talk with my Dean in Saint Mary’s University about that matter. I was very happy to meet them and he told us that if we ever go to Malaysia we can contact him and he would show us their school.

Mr. Woody Woodman and One Animation Studio Jakarta

September 6

We had the chance to meet Mr. Woody Woodman along with the One Animation Studio Jakarta when they went to SMKN for an Animation Workshop with the Animation students of SMKN. Woody Woodman is a 20 year veteran in the animation industry for clients such as: Disney, Aardman, Lucas Films, Laika and 20 Century Fox. He worked on films to include Mulan, Tarzan, Treasure Planet, Lilo and Stich, Brother Bear, Arthur Christmas, Strange Magic and Aliens in the Attic. And One Animation is an award-winning 3D animation studio, world-class content producer, digital influencer and distribution company. Their content are broadcast in over 180 countries worldwide. Their famous works includes Oddbods, with 9 BN views on digital platforms and with 8.5 youtibe subcribers. Tgey worked side by side with Disney, Cartoon Networks,Sony, Warner Bros and worked with hits like Harry Potter, Tom Raider and Armageddon.

The team talked about how to make an animation.The steps and tips. They also talked about how to send your portfolio and join the team. Its was a very exiciting experince especially for someone like me who loves animation. Its awesoem to see know and see how much work is done to come up with an animation. They showed us their works and behind the scences. We are also give a chance to watch an unaired episode of Oddballs and it was amazing. It was such an amazing experince.

After that, we had the chance to talk with Mr.Woodman and he told us that his wife is also from the Philippines and he praised us. He told us his experience and such and how he also teach English to their office. He gave us some games that we can used to teach english. And we then bid our goodbye to Mr. Woodman. Though the workshop continued after lunch, I was not able to come back because I have a class. They also had another workshop Saturday morning so that he students can showcase their talents and animation skills. The workshop main purpose is to find a gem among the students who can join them in the future.

Click the link for more photos and videos. This link will direct you to OneAnimation Jakarta Instagram.

Photos from One Animation Jakarta

School Visit at SMKN from OneAnimation Jakarta

Mr.Yuta Otake

September 10

We had also an amazing chance to be in Mr.Yuta Otake’s class last September 10. Mr. Yuta is a Japanese born in United States. He is an English teacher for almost 10 years and he is currently in Malang as an English Language Fellow. He visit schools in Malang to Teach. They have alot of project like camps. They also built a community center for local students to take painting class,martial arts and dancing.

On his class, he introduced a funny icebreaker and the students love it. They also played a game where they group theirselves according to the number given afte the music stops and they have to deceibe their group in 3 words. Then he dicussed descripitive text. For the activity, the students were group and each group has different tasks. One group will draw their superhero, the other group will draw the city where the superhero lives ad the other group will draw a weapon that the superhero will use. He gave them colored pencils and paper to draw to. The students outputs are very awesome. It is a wonderful experince to be in his class. And since he previously worked with Sesame Street as their content specialist and the students are Animasi student, he show a greeting video made by the sesame street animation team to inspire the students. Lastly, we joined them for a thank you video for the Sesamae Street Team.

Click the link to see more photos and videos. This will link you to Mr. Yuta’s Instagram account.

Photos taken by Mr. Yuta

Sesame Street

Our Friends from UNIKAMA

Throughout my stay in Indonesia, we met amazing group of friends who always accompany us.

Left to Right: Vina, Ratih, Nimas, Wanda, Me and Aira
Left to Right : Wanda, Aira, Me, Ratih, Nimas, Ananta, and Vina
Left to Right: Ananta, Vina, Ratih ,Nimas, Me and Aira

Left to Right: Vina, Me, Wanda, Ananta, Nimas ,Aira and Ratih

And on our last week, we had to chance to meet new friends. They are going to Thailand for 2 weeks as a sit in students and they want to see meet us for the last time as they are now going to Thailand the next day. We talked about our experiences and how our day went. We talked for a while. Before they leave, they ordered some food for us and we are thankful of it. They also gave us snacks that we can bring home and Bening gave us her mom’s special Sambal Pecel product.

Left to Right: Wanda, Ananta, Ericka, Bening, Aira, Me, Ratih, Nimas and Vina

Mutis and Mike

Mutis is the one who accompanied us on our second day to the money changer. We met up at Unikama and she she treated us with Nasi Ayam Goreng. As our thank you gift, we met with her and treated her to Waroeng Steak and Shake which became our favorite place to eat. We met Mike there aswell. Mike is very much into Philippines and he knows alot of things about Philippines.

September 21

Maam Rini and her daughter and nephew invited us to eat at a Bakso restaurant as we were told her that bakso is our favorite food. When paying for our grab taxi fare, the driver do not have enough change so Maam Rini payed for our fare. And before we bid our goodbye they gave us Batik Cloth as a gift.

Before we leave, Mutis came to Rusunawa and gave us gifts farewell gift from her and Maam Ayu. We were sad because we don’t have anything to give back to them. Im very happy that we were stationed in Malang because we met such amazing friends.

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