4. Observations on Teachers

4.1 Planning for teaching

Teachers are given ample time to prepare their lesson plans. They also follow the format that were required by the school. (as seen in 3.2)

4.2 Preparing lessons and materials

The different teacher has their own way of preparing their lesson plans. They differs on the activities and discussion that they have to give.

4.3 Teaching in class

Different startegies are used in teaching. Maam Rosita used audio-visual materials to incorporate the lesson, Sir Yu used a chain story, Sir Sin used games and Maam Anis used concrete example.

4.4.Measurements and evaluation


All Observations

August 29 , Wednesday

X1- Desain Grafika (DG) A


My first observation is with Sir Yudi with his X1- DG A class. The students were staring at us as we entered the room and when Sir Yudi introduced us, the students are very pleased and happy to have us to be their teacher. After the introduction, he checked the attendance and after that he recalled their past lesson about Argumentation. Since they already discussed about argumentation in their past meeting, the class is dedicated for an activity such as games and reporting. The games is called “Alphabet Chain Story”. Each students will give a sentence using the letters from the alphabet. The student will start by saying a keyword that starts with letter A then he will create a sentence using that keyword, then the next student will have to say the previous sentence made and then give keyword and the a sentence with the keyword starting with B. This will continue until they reach the letter Q. It is a fun game to use because it enhances not only their English speaking ability but also their memorization skill and their creativity of making a story. It took us 2 round of the game. The last round was very exciting because we have to reach the letter S and I was the letter S. So I had to memorized all their sentences and I have to end the story. The story they made using the game is very nice and the character seems to be adventurous as he rode a horse, saw a giraffe, got lost on the desert and swim in the Pacific Ocean so with letter S ,I chose the Sail as my keyword. I said every sentences they made from letter A to R and with my sentence I said “ He sailed with his family and friends and they lived happily ever after” and the students laughed because the story and the ending make sense that even though it started weird and funny, they still managed to create a wonderful story.

After the game, the students then reported their previous activity. Sir Yudi gave a situation and they have to give the AREL( Assertion, Reasoning, Example/ Evidence and the Link Back) . There are 4 members each group and the AREL is divided among them. Some situations given was school fee must be eliminated and that exam should be eliminated. They have to give their argumentation using the AREL based from the situation given.

Overall, I like the idea of the Alphabet Chain Story. In the Philippines, we also do the chain story but the students will just give random sentences. I think it is better to do it with the alphabet to give more thrill to the game and so that students will really think hard about their sentences to match the others.


August 30

X1 – Mekatronika (MEKA) A

I observed in Sir Sin’s class. He started the class with a song and then the prayer. He then proceeded to introduced us in his class. I also gave a simple introduction about myself, where I came from and what I’m am I doing in their class. He checked the attendance as well after our introduction and recalled the past lesson. The topic is about informal letter. Sir Sin asked the students if they have received an invitation before and what kind of invitation it is. Then Sir Sin asked the students to open their Telegram App. They have to answer guide questions that was given by the teacher and an example of this are what is an invitation, its types and its structure. After answering the questions ,he then proceeded to the discussion. A quiz was also given through the Telegram App. And for the last activity, a game was played. The teacher will throw a ball and the person beside the the students who catch the ball will recite. This game is used to know whether the students understand the lesson.

The use of technology inside the classroom is admirable. I want to use it as well in my teaching. And the students are very active throughout the the whole period and they enjoyed the class.


September 4

X1 – MultiMedia C

I observed Miss Anis in her class with the MMC. She started the lesson by showing an example of a personal letter. And the students will analyze the letter ,its structure, kinds and other. After that they will present their analysis. She then discussed the lesson using the sample letter. She differentiate the different parts of the letter and its format. For their activity, the student made a letter to their friend or family.

Since the topic is about letter,it is really hard to think of an activity that can do instead of just writing. So I think that the way Miss Anis taught is okay. My suggestion is that instead of just presenting the letter she should jumble all the parts of the letter and the students will identify whether that is the body or salutation.


September 5

I observed Miss Dubwi’s class. That day is dedicated to a quiz. She collected all the students phone to avoid cheating and put it in front. The students are also arranged in a U shape to manage the class easily. The quiz is about the active and passive voice. One by one the students will answer the question shown ,they can pass if they don’t know the answer. The students who answered correctly will have a points.

My only concern in this quiz is that they all passed because they don’t know the answer. The rule should be modified that after 3 passes the student must answer the question whether his answer is wrong and that each of them is only allowed to pass a question once. So if they pass the first time they must answer the question for the second time. But overall, I think that the quiz is good becuase the teacher can see whether they know passive or not and do that she can discuss more about it.

September 9

X – Akomodasi Perhotelan (AP)

Maam Rosita asked us if we want to observed in other grades class to compare them to the higher grades so we said yes for us to see different type of students. She started by playing a video. The video is about an American man who can speak fluent Indonesian but he decided to prank the people in Jodipan. She spoke to them in English and when the person is struggling to reply he then ask the question again in Indonesian. After the video, she asked the students if it is important to learn English. The students then answer their opinions about the importance of learning the answer. She also showed another video from Buzzfeed entitled How you see yourself vs. others where they describe themselves in 3 words and then they showed how others described them. The video is very touching to watch because each of us view our self differently from others. She then asked the students what they noticed until they come up with description. She then proceeded to discuss what a descriptive text is. After the dicussion the students had a game per group. One representative from each group will go infront. The teacher will give him pictures then she will show a picture infront. The groupmates then describe the picture shown in the projector and the representative will find the exact picture from the selection given to him. And the last activity is that they have to describe their seatmates in 3 words.

Overall, I like the usage of videos and the games that was played. It is very fun to watch and play and the students are very active because of this.


September 11

X1 – Animasi (ANI) C

My last observation was with Maam Rosita’s animatuon students. For their first activity, the game hot potato was played. The situation given was a substitute teacher will come to their class and they have to write what the teacher will do first after arriving in their class. The student who was holding the glass of water when the music stop will go infront and write what the teacher does first. If the student can not answer, he will stay infront until he can answer. After the students gave 8 sentences she asked what they notice. And she then discussed what a procedural text is and incorporating videos to further understand. She also show some of the outputs of her past students. And for their activity, they have to come up with their own procedure. Some of their outputs where how to become emo, how to become an artist and how to make nasi goreng.

The use of videos are very necessary so that they can further understand the lesson and to avoid boredom. They activities give are also very nice because rhey have to come up with their own how to and if they did made one it means that they understand the lesson very well.


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