3. Teaching Plans

3.1 Curriculum

The curriculum of SMKN 4 MALANG and our schools curriculum is very much different in context. The Philippine curriculum is far more complicated in terms of topics wheres as in SMKN 4 MALANG, they only covers the basic English. For example, cause and effect taught in Grade 11 is the cause and effect that the teachers taught in Grade 7 here in the Philippines.

Below is the curriculum of SMKN 4 MALANG and Philippines.


3.2 Teaching Plans (ENGLISH)

For the lesson plan, we were told that we can do it like we do in the Philippines. We can copy their format or we can just use out own forma that we usually use for lesson planing. Our school’s lesson plan format called 4 P’s which stands for Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Purposeful Closure.

For the preparation, we use mini games, ice breakers, questions and other to motivate the students to learn the new subject matter. While in Presentation, we use games, stories, songs, poems, and more as our springboard. This can be the basis of our discussion. This part is where we also discuss the lesson. For the practice, it is mostly involves the use of activity sheets, mini quiz, and more to know if they really understand the lesson. And lastly for the purposeful closure, we usually use quotations for them to reflect. This part is where we recall the lesson we discussed.

4 P’s Lesson Plan Format

I. Objectives

II. Subject Matter

III. Resources


A. Preparation


C. Practice

V. Purposeful closure

For the SMKN 4 lesson plan, they have 6 main parts of the lesson and follows the format :

1. Aims

II. Teaching Material

III. Teaching method

IV. Teaching activities

V. Sources

VI. Scoring

This is somewhat simillar to ours but the order is different.

Below are all the lesson plans and Instructional Material that I made through out my entire teaching period in SMKN 4.

How to…

Lesson Plan – 

PowerPoint – 

Passive Voice

Lesson Plan –

PowerPoint –

Cause and Effect

Lesson Plan –

PowerPoint –

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