2. Pedagogical Contents


2.1 Teaching Methods

The teaching methods of SMKN 4 MALANG Bahasa Ingris Teacheres are: Lectures, Games, usage of audio-visual materials, Activities and others.

2.2 Learning Materials and Innovation

The teachers have differents strategies in giving their lesson and varied strategies differs from from to another. They use different audio-visuals ,acticities and games and exercises to further enligthen the students. Concrete examples are also provided to be the students basis of the lesson.

2.3 Sources of Learning and Technology

Sources includeds textbook and workbooks, audio-visual materials, and the Internet.

2.4 Authentic Assessment

Both formative and summative assessment is used by SMKN 4 MALANG. Quiz are given after each topic to check their understanding and to see whether students are ready to take a new topic. If not, the teacher will discuss the topic again until they understands it before proceeding to the next topics. Quarterly exam are also done. And at the end of the semester, the final examination will test students if they mastered the whole topics in the curriculum. The final exam is required as it is the basis whether a student will move on the next grade and pass or not.


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