5. Teaching Practice

5.1 Procedures of Teaching

For my final evaluation, the topic to be discuss is cause and effect. For this topic, I used some strategies that I learned within my educational period and gave it all in this topic in order to make it more fun and engaging. I divided the class into 4 groups for me to manage the class easily and to engage the students into collaboration and team work. (Further explanation of this will be shown below)

5.2 Time management and organizing activities

I. Preparation

  • Recall of past lesson ( 5 minutes)
  • Classroom rules , division of class and explaining the scoring system ( 10 minutes)
  • Activity 1. Hangman Game ( 10 minutes)
  • Activity 2. Board Race ( 15 minutes)

II. Presentation

  • Discussion of the Lesson (20 minutes)

III. Practice

  • Activity 3. Graphing Organizer (25 minutes)
  • Activity 4. Group Quiz (25 minutes)

IV. Purposeful Closure

  • Recall of the lesson (3 minutes)
  • Quotation (2 minutes)

5.3 Problem – Solving

There are no major problems that occurred during my final teaching but that does not mean that there are none. Some of the students are too shy to speak in English and they cannot understand some complicated words so I have to adjust the way I speak English. I used easy to understand words especially in explaining the direction of the game so that they can understand better.

5.4 Classroom management

Since the students are grouped int 4 , managing becomes easier. I also made a rule that if they behave well and they did not make any unnecessary noise, I will give them extra points. And before I begin the lesson, I already explained and established the classroom rules that they must follow.

5.5 Others

This is my evaluation sheet for my final demo.(you can also see a screenshot of the evaluation below )

Teaching – Learning Process





Team Teaching





The following week was dedicated in Team Teaching between me and Aira. We were given Procedural or How to… as our topic. When we are not observing, the two of us are brainstorming what activities we have to give, the division of parts and what Instructional Materials we should use for our team teaching. We managed to come up with a lesson plan about How to Give Directions. We incorporated a game called Blindfolded Maze where a representative from each group is blindfolded and was holding a pen at the start of the maze. The group mates then command the representative whether to go up, down, left or right in order to get out of the maze . I also made a simple 3-paneled comics portraying a two character named Vina and Andri. Vina is lost so she ask Andri for directions. Then the question ” How can we help Andri give Vina the direction?” was raised. With this, the transition of the games to the lesson is very necessary to not revert their focus on the lesson. I discussed the steps on how to give direction as well as the transition word that they must use. For the activity, the students were grouped and each group has 4 members and were given a map. The teachers will give the direction and they must point out where the location is based from the map. Only 4 directions were given and each member must answer 1. And for their finally activity, they were given a piece of paper and they have to draw a map from school to their house to which they all complained because most of them lives far away from the school. We were taken aback because we do not know this so we modified it. They have to draw a map from school to any places that they want. It can be the nearest park or their favorite food stalls. After that, I picked 5 map outputs and the owner of the maps will come in front and give the direction to their chosen location.




Individual Teaching





Now, the third and fourth week is dedicated for the individual teaching. Meaning ,we are now on our own. The hardest part of this is not the lesson planing but in the teaching of the lesson. Since I am now on my own, I was afraid that I might forget something or I might not be able to manage the class and Aira is not there to help me unlike in team teaching where we can help each other.





For the third week, I have to teach Passive Voice. I decided to use a song to teach Passive Voice. I used the song “She will be loved by Maroon 5”. The students will listen to the song while filling in the gaps or missing words of the song lyrics. My X1 – MultiMedia (MM) A class managed to fill in most the missing words perfectly while my X1 – Produksi Grafika (PD) A and B class was not able to do so. But I think its because the MM are more accustomed in speaking English while the PD classes are not. In terms of the discussion of the lesson, all the classes managed to understand it well as observed in the activities and when they were asked to give the passive of the a active voice sentences. For the activities, I grouped them into 4 groups and gave them an activity sheet. I showed them a video a clip representing the word that correspond to the sheet and they have to guess the word. For example, Brad _____ a vase. I will show them a video clip (of something that is broken) and they have to guess what the video is. The answer must be the same as the first 2 letters f the subject of the sentence give. BRad = BRoke. After answering the activity, they will change that into its passive. Brad broke a vase will now be A vase was broken by Brad. As they do their activity, I roamed around to help them if they have questions and checked whether they understand it.





Nevertheless, I managed to do everything on my lesson plan , the student are very behaved and are listening well and I think that I did a very good job teaching individually despite my concerns about it.





Final Week and Final Teaching





Cause and Effect is our topic for the last week . And since this will be the the topic for final evaluation, I really pondered how to make it exciting ,fun and memorable so that the students will participate well and enjoy the whole period. I chose Harry Potter as the theme of my lesson. For the activities, since cause and effect is geared towards reading and writing it is hard to think of a group activity that allows them to move in order for them not to get bored. The hangman game is used as a pre- speaking activity. They are not familiar with the game and I don’t know how to explain it so I just go with the flow and asked them a letter and as we go on with the game, they started to learn how the game works. The words they have to guess for the game are Poverty and Education. For the next activity, I showed a picture related to poverty and in 2 minutes they have to write any word that comes to their mind that is related to poverty. Everyone from the group can write and the group who wrote the most will receive points. The same thing with Education, but I made a exception because they wrote all the things in their bags like pencil and eraser. Using the two activities as my springboard, I used it to connect to the topic and for them to say the topic themselves based from the activities. Then I discussed the topic. For their activity, I showed a video and they have to make 3 cause and effect sentences that is related to the video they watched. They used a simple graphic organizer for this. Then for the last activity, I show them numbers and they have to choose 1. In that number are questions with equivalent points. The activity is based from their luck because each questions is equivalent to 1-3 points and the point system is based on the difficulty of the question. After all the activities,they have to count their points and the team with the highest point will be the winner. Then before ending the lesson I shared a quotation about hangman and it says “Hangman is great. It teaches us that by saying the wrong things it can end someones life”. This quote is one reason why I decided to use the game hangman for their activity. Before leaving the class, I gave them a message that they must study hard and graduate, do things that they love and by the time we meet again, they are now professionals.




Click the link below to watch my final teaching demonstration with the MM A students for Cause and Effect. Enjoy!

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